The report highlights Mitvim's activities and achievements throughout 2018. Read it here.


This report highlights the Mitvim Institute’s activities in 2018. Throughout the year, Mitvim focused on three program areas: improving Israel’s foreign policy, advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace, and promoting Israel’s regional belonging. Mitvim continued to generate new progressive foreign policy knowledge and put it into use by engaging with local and international political, diplomatic, and civil society actors. It did so through policy planning, research, expert workshops and public events, regional and international policy dialogues, public opinion polls, media engagement, and briefings to Members of Knesset (MKs), government officials, and foreign diplomats.

In 2018, Mitvim presented alternative directions for Israeli foreign policy; engaged the Knesset on foreign policy issues; tracked developments and trends in Israel’s foreign policy; advanced the participation of Palestinian citizens of Israel in foreign relations; analyzed Israel’s changing ties with Arab countries; highlighted the unfulfilled potential of Israel’s relations with the Arab world; supported the improvement of Israel’s ties with specific Arab countries; conducted policy dialogues with regional partners; suggested improvements to Israel’s foreign policy towards the EU; challenged Israel’s closer ties with non-liberal regimes in Europe; supported new alliances for Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean; worked to improve Israel-Turkey relations in light of renewed crises; advised on possible policy steps towards Israeli-Palestinian peace; drew lessons from other conflict resolution process; analyzed changes in Palestinian politics; and identified regional opportunities to improve the situation in Gaza.

Mitvim was ranked by the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 among the top think tanks in the Middle East and North Africa, and as one of the world’s top 25 centers for regional studies and think tanks with the most innovative policy ideas/proposals.


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