The New Israel Fund, Israel and USA

Ploughshares Fund, USA

The Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, Israel Office, Germany

Ms. Sally Gottesman, USA

The Feldman Foundation, USA

Ms. Debra Pell, Israel

Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co. Ltd., Israel

PAX, the Netherlands

The Maxwell School for Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, USA

Topol Family Foundation, USA

Michael D. Young, USA

EuroMeSCo Network, Europe

Foundation for Middle East Peace, USA

Ms. Joanna Goodwin, USA

Mr. Yehudah Cohn, USA

Mr. Victor Goldberg and Patricia Waldeck

Mr. Orni Petruschka, Israel

Amb. (ret) Colette Avital, Israel

Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal, Israel

Ms. Joy Midman, USA

Ms. Susan Mirbach, USA

Ms. Naomi Schacter and Jonathan Price, USA

Dr. Doron Shultzuner, Isreal



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