Impressions from the Region is a publication series that presents insights from events in which representatives from Israel and its neighboring Arab and Muslim countries take part. At times when channels of communication between Israel and the region are limited, we find it crucial to show that regional policy dialogues are indeed possible, and to distribute the content of such events. It is a tool for enhancing knowledge, and for advancing peace and Israel’s regional integration.


Meetings with Arab Researchers - Prof. Moshe Ma'oz, Report no. 15, November 2014


A Middle East Situation Report - Dr. Nimrod Goren, Report no. 14, November 2014


Talking Peace in the European Parliament - Dr. Nimrod Goren, Report no. 13, December 2013


The Peace Process in the Eyes of the Palestinians, Report no. 12, December 2013


Meetings in Cairo and Amman on the Arab Peace Initiative - Prof. Elie Podeh, Report no. 11, August 2013 (published by i24 News)


Turkey in light of the Gezi Park protest - Dr. Nimrod Goren, Report no. 10, July 2013 (Hebrew only)  


Morocco: A View from Within, Report no. 9, June 2013 


Middle East Civil Society Dialogue, Report no. 8, April 2013


A Regional Roundtable, Report no. 7, November 2012 (Hebrew only)


Turkey-Israel Relations; Report no. 6, October 2012

The First World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg; Report no. 5, October 2012

A Visit to Kosovo and Albania; Report no. 4, August 2012

A Conference on the Arab Spring a Year After; Report no. 3, March 2012

A Conference on Turkey's New Global Activism; Report no. 2, April 2012

Questions that Arabs and Muslims Have Regarding Israel and the Peace Process; Report no. 1, November 2011


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