Guiding Principles for a New Israeli Foreign Policy Paradigm - Recommendations of a Mitvim Institute Task-Team


Lessons from Serbia and Kosovo to Israel and Palestine: All Process, No Peace?, Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin, March 2017


International Involvement towards Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution, A policy paper submitted to the International Working Group to Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking, March 2017


An Outward-Looking Israeli Foreign Policy, Dr. Ehud Eiran and Mireille Surowicz, February 2017 


The Future of Palestinian Activism in the Trump Era, Dr. Ido Zelkovitz, February 2017 


The Netanyahu-Trump Meeting: Commentaries by Mitvim Institute Experts, February 2017


A Multi-Regional Israeli Foreign Policy, Yoav Stern, February 2017


A Pro-Peace Israeli Foreign Policy, Yael Patir, January 2017


The Gulf States Foreign Policies - Summary of a briefing with Dr. Karen E. Young, January 2017


An Assessment of John Kerry's Two-State Resurrection Endeavor, Dan Rothem, January 2017


The US Elections and the Future of the Middle East - Summary of a Mitvim-IPCRI Forum, December 2016


The UN Security Council Resolution on Israeli Settlements - Commentaries by Mitvim Institute Experts, December 2016


Israel-Turkey Policy Dialogue Publication Series of Mitvim and GPoT Center, in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung:

1. Turkey-Israel Relations: Crises and Cooperation, by Oguz Celikkol, November 2016

2. The Path to Normalization between Israel and Turkey, by Arad Nir, November 2016

3. The Risks and Rewards of Israeli-Turkish Energy Cooperation, by Gabriel Mitchell, January 2017

4. Turkey-Israel Deal: A Key to Long-Term Reconciliation?, by Selin Nasi, January 2017

5. The Israel-Turkey Deal Could Benefit the Palestinians, by Muhammed Ammash, February 2017

6. Turkey and Israel: A Chronicle of Relations, by Dr. Alon Liel, February 2017 (A Mitvim-FES publication)


Lessons for Israel-Palestine from Nagorno-Karabakh: Does Unresolved Conflict Destroy Democracy?, Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin, December 2016


The Postponement of the Palestinian Local Elections and its Ramifications, Dr. Ido Zelkovitz, November 2016


What Can Israel's Arab-Palestinian Citizens Contribute to the Middle East? Kamal Ali-Hassan, November 2016 (in a publication of FES-Israel and the Netanya College)


Time for an Israeli Regional Initiative - Mitvim-Knesset event summary; published November 2016

Towards an Inclusive Israeli Foreign Policy - Summary of a Mitvim Institute - Israel Democracy Institute workshop
; published November 2016


 Possible Benefits of American Parameters for the Two-State Solution, October 2016


The 2016 Israeli Foreign Policy Index of the Mitvim Institute, September 2016 (See also the infographic page


Lessons from Cyprus for Israel-Palestine: Can Negotiations Still Work?, Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin, September 2016


Who will inherit Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas?, Dr. Ido Zelkovitz, September 2016


Can Israel and Palestine learn from Colombia?, Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin, September 2016


Assessing the Quartet recommendation to increase cooperation and interaction between Israelis and Palestinians, August 2016 


Cooperation between Israel and the Arab world: Public opinion findings, July 2016


Challenges to democracy and social cohesion - Summary of an Israeli-American-German trialogue (published July 2016)


Policy recommendations for Israel-Turkey reconciliation, Mitvim Institute and GPoT Center, July 2016


Supporting Israel-Turkey Reconciliation 2012-2016, Mitvim Institute and GPoT Center, June 2016


The revolt of the younger Palestinian generation, Dr. Ido Zelkovitz, June 2016


A Special Privileged Partnership with the EU as an incentive for Israeli-Palestinian peace - workshop summary, June 2016


The curse of stagnation and the need for conflict comparison: Seeking a breakthrough towards Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution, Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin, May 2016


The Egypt-Saudi Agreements: Policy Analysis and Regional Implications, April 2016


Egypt and Saudi Arabia: A Predictable Rapprochement, Prof. Elie Podeh, April 2016


The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Uzi Arad, April 2016


Israel and Indonesia: Unfulfilled Potential, Emanuael Shahaf, April 2016


Impressions from a Day in Gaza, by Prof. Joel S. Migdal, March 2016


How to Make the Arab Peace Initiative a More Effective Incentive for Peace? Summary of a policy-planning workshop, February 2016


Israel's Strategic Outlook in a Disintegrated Region - Summary of a Mitvim Institute - Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung - Middle East Institute Roundtable, published: February 2016


The Role of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Summary of a Mitvim event at the Israeli Knesset, published: January 2016


The Way Forward in Israeli-Palestinian Relations - Summary of a USIP-Mitvim Roundtable, published: December 2015


The 2015 Israeli Foreign Policy Index of the Mitvim Institute - Infographics; Data file; Press Release; Key Findings; Comparison 2015 vs. 2014


Assessing EU Policies toward the Southern Mediterranean - Impressions from EuroMeSCo's 2015 Annual Conference, November 2015


Israel and a Possible International Support Group for the Middle East Peace Process, by Dr. Nimrod Goren, October 2015


The 2105 UN General Assembly and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: Commentary & Analysis, October 2015


Abu Mazen: A Man in Search of a Legacy, Dr. Ido Zelkovitz, September 2015


How Can Israel Help the Syrian People?, Dr. Kamal al-Labwani, September 2015 (Read here an op-ed based on this article)


The Making of Foreign Policy: On Paradigms and Grand Strategies, Michal Eskenazi, August 2015


Israel in the Eyes of the Arab World - Dr. Abdullah Swalha, Director of the Center for Israel Studies in Jordan; speech at a Mitvim Institute sypmosium, August 2015 (Read here an op-ed based on the speech, published by i24News)


Empowering Israeli Diplomacy through Legislation: Promoting a Foreign Service Bill - summary of a Mitvim workshop at the Israeli MFA - 29 July 2015


The Nuclear Deal with Iran: Commentary & Analysis - July 2015


Straddling the East-West Divide: A Subjective Israeli Perspective on Muslim Immigration to Europe - Dr. Lior Herman, July 2015


Israeli Foreign Policy and the Modern Diplomacy of the 21st Century - Momo Mahdav, July 2015


The Islamic State's Sinai Attack: Commentary & Analysis, July 2015


The Post-Referendum Greece: Between Challenges and Hope - A Brief by Dr. Zenonas Tziarras, July 2015


The Next Steps towards Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Summary of Policy-Planning Workshop in collaboration with the ICG, May 2015 (published June 2015)


Israeli Foreign Policy and the Modern Diplomacy of the 21st Century - Symposium Summary, May 2015


The US Role in Israel-Turkey Relations - Summary of the 5th Israel-Turkey Policy Dialogue of Mitvim and GPoT Center - May 2015


Election Results and Israel's Foreign Relations - Initial Reactions by Mitvim Institute Experts, March 2015


Guiding Principles for a New Israeli Foreign Policy Paradigm, March 2015


Cracks in the Special Relationship: Israel-US Ties under Obama and Netanyahu, March 2015



Kosovo and its Relationship with Israel - Breifing with Dr. Enver Hoxhaj, February 2015



Israel's Foreign Policy: Towards Isolation or Integration? Highlights from the Mitvim Institute's Pre-Election Event, 25 February 2015


Syriza's Victory and Greek-Israeli Relations, by Zenonas Tsiarras and Ioannis-Sotirios Ioannou, February 2015


Egypt-Qatar Rapprochement - Mitvim Experts Weigh In, December 2014 


List of US Vetoes on UN Security Council Resolutions Dealing with the Israeli-Arab Conflict, December 2014


Israel-Turkey Relations after the War in Gaza - Summary of the Mitvim-GPoT Center Policy Dialogue, November 2014


The 2014 Israeli Foreign Policy Index - Findings of the Mitvim Institute Poll, December 2014 (for the infographic - click here)


The US Midterm Elections: Projections for Mideast Policy and Relations with Israel - Brian Reeves, November 2014


What is the Role of Israel in Turkey's Political Universe - a Q&A with Dr. Emre Erdogan - Gabriel Mitchell, August 2014


Israel, Gaza and the Region: Post-Ceasefire Opportunities - a report following a Mitvim Institute-International Crisis Group policy planning workshop, 24 July 2014. For the press-release, click here


The European Parliament elections and Israel-EU relations - workshop summary, 12 June 2014

Turkey's former Foreign Minister, H.E. Yaşar Yakış, visited Israel to promote Israel-Turkey reconciliation, 22 May 2014


US Foreign Policy towards Israel and the Middle East - Symposium summary, 19 May 2014

"Israel benefits from the collapse of Syria", Dr. Samir al-Taqi in an interview with Ksenia Svetlova, published in May 2014

Israeli foreign policy experts: Palestinian reconciliation can be good for Israel, 24 April 2014

The Resumption of the Palestinian UN Campaign? A Q&A with Grant Rumley, 2 April 2014


84% of Israeli have never heard of the new EU incentive for Israeli-Palestinian peace - Mitvim poll findings, March 2014


Israel's Arab Citizens and Foreign Policy, Nazareth workshop summary from 28 January 2014 (for Arabic, click here)

Key Elements of Israel's Foreign Policy Paradigms - Dr. Yuval Benziman and Lauren Romm, March 2014
Symposium summary, featuring MK Ronen Hoffman, Dr. Yuval Benziman and Prof. Joel Peters, March 2014

New Opportunities for American Contributions to Transforming Israeli-Palestinian Relations - Prof. Louis Kriesberg, October 2013

Findings of a Mitvim poll on Israel's foreign policy - November 2013 (read the press release here)

Reaching Out to the Arab Spring - Lessons from an American Experience, September 2013

Back to Basics: The Evoluton of the Palestinian UN Campaign - Grant Rumley - July 2013

Reactions to a Turkish Poll on Israel-Turkey Relations - April 2013

Towards Mending Israel-Turkey Relations: Summary of Mitvim's Activities

An Interview with Ajmal Sohail, Leader of the Afghan Liberal Party - Mr. Arik Segal  

Continuing on the Path to Statehood: The Palestinians Following their September 2011 UN Bid

Changing Paradigms in Israel's Foreign Policy: Do Think Tanks Matter?

A Call to Convene Regional Middle Eastern Think Tanks


Israel and Turkey during the Arab Spring - Dr. Nimrod Goren

Spoilers of Peace and the Dilemmas of Conflict Resolution, A Mitvim-Syracuse University publication

New Paradigms, New Voices - Dr. Nimrod Goren 


Mitvim Reports and Policy Papers that are available only in Hebrew can be accessed here


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